We Can’t All Be Related to George Washington …

… but George Washington wasn’t alone in the fledgling New World. Many people, my ancestors included, have been somewhat lost to history. They aren’t the big names we all learn about in school, and they aren’t pictured on money, but those guys couldn’t have made history alone.


I am bringing these forgotten people back to life (well, their life stories anyway)! By covering a new individual in each post, I hope to breath new life into the stories of those forgotten in our history books. Mostly, I will highlight the lives of my ancestors, but I will be adding in additional individuals who I find interesting or pivotal to these stories of history. Together, we will learn about family lines, and individuals with major and minor impacts on history, and what may have propelled them in their lives. Specifically, I will be covering, at least initially, the Morrison, Cote, Benoit, Price, Webb, Craddock, and Martin families who immigrated to the United States from Europe and Canada.


I hope you will enjoy taking this journey through history with me!


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